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2012-01-07 10:17 pm

Somebody That I used to Know

Hubby found this song tonight and I liked it enough to share. It's a cover, and the original is very nice too, but I think this presentation is more fun.

I'm glad everyone appears to have survived the holidays. One good thing about working retail, I don't have many scheduled work hours this month. Not good for the wallet, but I'm not complaining.
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2011-09-15 07:12 am

Nicolas Cage awoken by naked man with Fudgesicle

Does this headline belong in in [ profile] weepingcock or am I just weird? Okay, don't answer that. The attached article is here if you're interested.

In other news, yes I'm still alive. School is back in session so I have my life back, but Lmuse appears to be on permanent vacation and I'm not doing much but coping these days. Sorry to be such a blob.
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2011-06-19 11:11 pm

Calling all folkie afficianados

I've been trying to hunt down a song for years now with no success, so I'm throwing it out to you, beloved flist. I heard it once on the radio at least 15 years ago, an acoustic guitar, folkie-type song sung by a woman. The only lines I can remember are

In order to avoid any embarrassment or shame, she never calls her lovers by their name.
She calls them, snookie, pookems, sweetie, darling.........

It was about a gal who had so many lovers, she was afraid she'd say the wrong name during sex, so she always used pet names instead.

What say you, peeps? Anyone know this song? *crosses fingers*

ETA: [ profile] catssyclaws found it! Go here to watch.
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2011-05-30 12:45 am

What'cha think flist?

The store I work at sells padded bras for tweens. We're talking about an inch of padding. I find this disturbing, to say the least.

Would you let your prepubescent daughter wear clothes that gave her the illusion of tits when she didn't have any yet? I can't figure out why a parent would allow or encourage such a thing.

When said to my manager, "I can't believe there are padded bras for girls," he replied, "Just wait till you see the thong underwear for infants." *jaw drop*

Am I being an old fart here, or does anyone else think this is a trifle creepy?
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2011-03-31 09:53 pm

Mom poll

Ms. Nosy McNose strikes again. For those of you who no longer live at home, how often do you talk to your mom? Daily, weekly, monthly, never? I don't have a paid account, so no ticky boxes...sorry, but I'm truly curious.

FWIW, my mom and I chat on the phone once a week.
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2011-02-17 08:29 am

Penor peek-a-boo dance

The fun starts at 1 minute. I admit I watched the whole thing to see if any of them made a mistake. ^_~

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2011-01-05 12:08 pm

Marvelous Maru

Just in case you haven't bumped into this adorable kitteh elsewhere.

This one always cracks me up too. :D
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2010-12-20 08:20 am

Christmas week giggles

The Lonely Island is THE BEST! Enjoy their new single. :DDDD

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2010-12-01 09:46 am

Do you have a signature scent?

Do you wear the same perfume all the time? A scent that everyone knows you by?

FWIW, I do. I've been wearing an essential oil called Light Amber since the late 70's. After Bear was born, I switched over to Neroli (orange blossom) for a while, but have since wandered back to my former "laura smell."

Just curious.....
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2010-11-03 07:31 pm

Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 26

Here it is, my dears, the final chapter.

I find it interesting that this story turned out to have the same number of parts as BaU. It's a measure of how long I've been thinking about these characters that I attached Beyonce's Halo to the ending. It seems a bit silly now, but I'm including it anyway.

I hope you enjoy, and thanks to everyone for your support these past two years I've been playing with John and Dylan. 1775 words, completely worksafe.

Title: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 26
Theme: Emo techie meets MD, but not all is as it seems.
Rating: M, slash/yaoi

(Previous chapters)

Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 26 )
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2010-10-10 09:49 pm

Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 25

Only one more chapter after this! Dylan misses John, but not all is lost. 1837 words, totally worksafe.

Title: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 25
Theme: Emo techie meets MD, but not all is as it seems.
Rating: M, slash/yaoi

(Previous chapters)

Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 25 )
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2010-09-25 11:30 am



Back in the late 90s I would have killed to see the revival of Cabaret with Alan Cumming as the MC and Natasha Richardson as Sally Bowles. Well, guess what? The production was televised a few years ago and it's up on youtube! I can't embed, but if you're the least bit interested, go check it out. It's so much more raw and hard-hitting than the movie. Enjoy!

EDIT: To avoid any confusion, this version has Jane Horrocks as Sally.

Part One "Willkommen"
Part Two "So What"
Part Three "Mein Herr"
Part Four
Part Five "Perfectly Marvelous" "Two Ladies"
Part Six "It Couldn't Please Me More" "Tomorrow Belongs to Me"
Part Seven "Married"
Part Eight Alan's bum "Tomorrow Belongs to Me"
Part Nine "If You Could See Her"
Part Ten "What Would You Do?"
Part Eleven "I Don't Care Much" "Cabaret"
Part Twelve
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2010-09-21 08:12 pm

Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 24

Woohoo, more story! And in a somewhat timely manner even.

Dylan learns about his father but Rafe lowers the boom. 1134 words, worksafe again.

Title: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 24
Theme: Emo techie meets MD, but not all is as it seems.
Rating: M, slash/yaoi

(Previous chapters)

Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 24 )
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2010-09-08 10:35 am

WARNING: earworm

I was infected by [ profile] abandonreality this morning and feel duly obligated to pass it along. Clicking on the video below hearby acknowledges that you have been warned about earworm content and I am thus absolved from any liabilities should you become infected.

However, if you are brave, I picked the handy subtitled version because the words are so hard to make out. ^_~

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2010-09-01 11:07 am

Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 23

Don't faint! A new chapter. It's the first day of school and I've been a good girl. A little angst for your hump day pleasure. 946 words, totally worksafe.

Title: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 23
Theme: Emo techie meets MD, but not all is as it seems.
Rating: M, slash/yaoi

(Previous chapters)

Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 23 )
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2010-08-26 12:03 am

No, I'm not dead

It's just that RL bleah keeps me from writing or doing much of anything useful.

In any event, this picture made me smile this evening, so I had to pass it along. I found it attached to a fun list, History's Most Iconic Images Ruined by Photobombers.

And for all of you folks too young to get this, go watch some Village People. :D

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2010-07-27 11:04 pm

Is this the cutest swimsuit or what?


I kept bumping into folks raving about Mod Cloth bathing suits, and even tried to find the website, to no avail. Finally someone provided a link and I'm in love! Go peek and enjoy all the classic goodness. ^_^

Mod Cloth Swimwear
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2010-07-12 11:33 pm

I write like meme

[ profile] anat_astarte posted something fun. I ran Knockin' and The Morning Ritual through it, and got the same answer

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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2010-07-06 11:48 pm


Why does the most recent country to hit my Champloo Archive sound like a fancy cocktail or a bad fanfiction title?


I've never heard of this country but, then again, I've never heard of Djibouti (Africa), the Faroe Islands (near Iceland) or Macao (Asia) either. I've learned a lot about geography since attaching that widget to my website. ^_^

P.S. St. Vincent of the Grenadines is in the Caribbean.